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things that happen in a year and a half!

I haven't posted in over a year and a half and have no idea why i'm posting now to be honest but what the hey - i'll give it a bash anyway!
Things thats happened since I last posted:

I'm still working in the same place - 10 years next year (scary as hell) - working on my way to be a manager.

My best friend had a baby - she was born in Oct last year and is the most wonderful little person ever !! My friend asked me to be her godmother and it made so happy I can't tell you!

This year has been a pretty difficult year for me personally, my dad had a stroke on Boxing Day and he passed away on New Year's Day. Its still really difficult for me to even think about it, and I miss him so much but each day gets a little bit better. My friends have been so good to me - they are all so amazing :)

Little sis has moved back home so its good to be getting close to her again.

Don't know if anyone will even read this post but if anyone wants to get in touch with me, my msn is traceylhenderson@hotmail.com or you can get me on facebook too.

Love and sunshine :)

long time no post

It's really been a long time since I last posted something even remotely interesting.
So i'm gonna do bit of a catch up, not very interesting but a catch up nevertheless :)

So I'm still living in the wonders of Inverness. As much as I bitch and moan I do love the place but I still kinda wanna leave some day.

Still working in the wonders of retail. I finally got promoted after failing the interview like 2 times - dopey me ! I got there in the end though - I'm now Customer Service Supervisor - so I get to deal with all the horrible customers who think they can get what they want by shouting at me ! I don't think so mate !
Work is pretty good at the moment really. I still love to moan about the horrible customers, but there are a lot of good things about it too. My confidence in dealing with difficult situations has gone up lots, I work with some fantastic people who make me laugh so much and I actually know what I doing most of the time !!!

I'm still single - not moaning about the fact as I'm quite happy to be single. I do have a toy boy trying to chase me at the moment - any ideas how I can let him down gently?

My friends are wonderful. My oldest friend is getting married and she asked me to be a bridesmaid - so excited ! Most of my friends are like myself - working hard and never have time to see anyone - but when we do meet up, we always have lots of fun !
Only sad thing about one of my friendships is that me and one of my closest friends have really lost touch. We used to be very close and spent a lot of time together - we even spent 5 weeks together on holiday in America - but now we barely talk. Part of it is my fault as I went away for a weekend with other friends and didn't tell her about it, and that really upset her. And part of me is really pissed off with her as I feel like she uses me quite a lot when it comes to blokes - but never mind - friends drift apart and I just need to deal with it !

I decided at the start of the year that I really wanted to do something about my fitness and really try to lose weight. I've had a major issue with my weight for years. Since I can remember in fact, it's been a real reason for me disliking myself.
So far I've been doing more exercise - weight training, swimming and jogging - and i've been trying to watch what i'm eating - I know its going to take time, so I just need to stay positive about it - can you tell i've been reading a lot of self help books recently!?!

Well I think thats enough for now :)
U are only able to have 1 cd for the rest of ur life. Name the 15 songs that you would choose!!!
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Is it wrong that I find something really hot about Jake from the Scissor Sisters?

I am loving him at the moment !!!!

My little sis is 21 today ! My baby sister is getting all grown up !

Sep. 14th, 2006

So the past few days i've been a right poser at the gym and have listened to my i pod while fooling myself that i'm working out.

I've not done this in the past for two reasons:

I usually go to the gym with Angela and i'm too busy bitching to be thinking about what music is playing.

And secondly people who usually listen to their own music at the gym are posers, or they actually do exercise and don't just use the gym as an opportunity to spy on cute blokes pump iron. Hmm.

Anyway, so I've been listening to my i pod at the gym. Even put together a "workout" playlist -how organised am I !?!

So i'm gearing myself up to really go for it on the treadmill. I am not a fit person. I do not do exercise well. But there's something I love about running. Think back to that episode of Friends where Phoebe and Rachel are running like they used to when they were kids, and you'll know what I mean !

So i'm trying to run on the treadmill, I've done 5 minutes and i'm starting to think that might be my lot. But the thing is, a girl started on the treadmill beside me, just before I started and I can't let her beat me. There's something about the gym that makes me very competitive, sad I know !

So do you know what song pushed me to stay on the treadmill longer than the skinny blonde beside me - Cool Rider from Grease 2 !!! I mean it could have been any up beat, jumpy song, but no it was something from dodgy Grease 2.

It could have been worse, I do have Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky soundtrack on my i pod too !

I really need to update my i pod !

I went to the cinema last night. There was nothing on so we went to see The Wicker Man,as we hadn't heard of any of the others, and I knew that this one was a remake,so i thought it wouldn't be that bad.

But I have to say The Wicker Man is the worse bloody film i've seen in ages !!!! What a waste of £7 !!!

Not even Nicolas Cage could save it !

But it was quite entertaining listening to a couple that were in front of me, they were sitting 1 seat apart so whenever the woman spoke she was shouting !

Best bit was her shouting halfway through "This is crap!"

Class :)
What do you get your sister for her 21st birthday when she gives you no clue whatsoever as to what she would like !

Help me please !


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I'm actually kinda getting into CSI:NY. But i'm thinking that might be more to do with my love for New York more than my love for CSI lol !

But what's the crack with Kid Rock appearing in an episode !

Anyhoo,i'm starting to get a wee bit excited about seeing Fatboy Slim next weekend ! We never,ever get big names up my part of the world and fair enough Fatboy Slim may not be the biggest dance dj -he's pretty damn good for Inverness !

Then,not long after Fatboy,it'll be T in the Park time again ! I cannot wait to see The Who !!!

It was my last day in my own store today. Thought I would feel pretty upset,but to be honest,it was just a normal busy day. Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.

I went to see the Da Vinci Code the other night. Wasn't too sure if i was gonna like it or not as I haven't read the book and i'd heard so many mixed reviews about it - but i really liked it ! I thought it was gonna be really hard to understand,but I found it really interesting ! Does that make me more of a geek than I am already lol !

rant ahead !

I think the summer may have arrived ! It's been beautiful sunny skies for the last few days in Scotland. Now i've said that it's gonna be pissing rain for the rest of the week !

My boss is on holiday this week - while the cat is away the mice will play !

Well not really, as i'm in charge for a couple of days so i'll need to have my sensible head on :(

My head is rather screwed up over work at the moment. I'm kinda going for a promotion,which I'm not ready for,but I've gone as far as I can in my present job role. And I don't really wanna leave my work as I really get on with everyone and I kinda feel like I know what I'm doing but this new role is a major step for me. Ugh,why can things never be simple !

I think I might just run away to New York :)

Jun. 1st, 2006

I must be the last person online to do this but I'm now on myspace !
It's cool to catch up with people from school that I haven't spoken to in ages !

Anyone else got an account with myspace and feel like having me as a friend ?